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The French Lab is a French laboratory specializing in the development and manufacture of dietary supplements aimed at compensating for dietary deficiencies that may arise as a result of new approaches to diet and food and changes to individuals’ participation in exercise and physical activity.

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The company - The French lab

compensate for dietary deficiencies

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Ask for excellence

Our motto is at the very heart of our laboratory’s vision, encapsulating perfectly the standards to which we strive to hold. Each individual stage in the process is subject to strict quality procedures, from formula development to delivering the finished products, not to mention:

How we source
our ingredients.
The systematic physical and chemical analysis of all our ingredients – carried out in independent testing laboratories in France to ensure impartiality and results that are trustworthy.
Full traceability, enabling us to identify and record the source and manufacturing date (batch number) of every one of our ingredients with a view to being able to offer our clients finished products they can be confident of.
Top-quality formulae so we can supply our clients with both innovative new products and the most effective formulae currently on the market. We always seek to create synergies between ingredients to maximize product effectiveness.
A product manufacturing process that is subject to very strict quality control procedures from start to finish.

The manufacturing process

The company - The French lab

We are able to uphold stringent quality standards as the manufacturing processes we use to make our dietary supplements have been audited by internationally-recognized certification bodies.

Certifications iso 22000 - FSSC 22000 - Agriculture Biologique

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