Diabète - Glycémie - The French Lab

Keep your blood sugar levels under control

  • cinnamon and chromium
  • fenugreek
  • olive leaf extract
  • green tea
  • Milk thistle and silymarin
90 softgels (435 mg each)

the french lab’s r & d unit has created an anti diabetes formula

that is a very effective aid to keeping blood sugar levels under control.

“The French Lab” also manufactures the “OMEGA 3-6-9” product, which can be used alongside its Anti-Diabetes formula. This product aims to help people keep their cholesterol and triglyceride levels under control.

find out more about type 2 diabetes
Diabète - The French Lab


3 capsules per day

Over a 3 month (to be taken with a glass of water)

1 at breakfast

1 at lunch

1 at dinner


Cinnamon, chromium, fenugreek, olive leaf extract, green tea, milk thistle, silymarin.

Ingredients diabetes - The French lab

Nutritional information

Pour 3 softgels

Instructions for use
  • cinnamon extract

    405 mg

  • green tea extract

    180 mg

    Including 90 mg of EGCG
  • Olive leaf extract

    255 mg

    Including 12.75 mg of oleuropein
Diabète - Glycémie - The French Lab
  • Milk thistle extract

    60 mg

    Including 48 mg of silymarin
  • Fenugreek extract

    180 mg

    Including 90 mg of saponins
  • Chromium

    19.5µg (49% AJR)


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